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Euel Harrison

December 26, 2022 / Comments 0 / 53 /
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I want to let the folks in Gatesville know of a fine business you have in your area. I am speaking of Gatesville R.V. Sales and Service. They have serviced my RV twice. The first time they were able to fix a long
standing problem that other shops couldn’t or wouldn’t.

The second time was an emergency. We were loading the vehicle on November 25 expecting to depart for a 3 week trip on the 26th. We encountered a problem that would prevent our departure and keeping our

I called Gatesville R.V. Service department not expecting the response I received. The service manager told me to bring it in (a L hour trip), and they would try to ‘ get us on the road’. Three hours later l was taking it back home and we were able to make our departure date.

So THANK YOU to Gatesville R.V. and all the staff. You made it possible for us to visit with our children and their families as planned.

Euel Harrison

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