Cricket Golf Cart RX5-025

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Cricket Golf Cart RX5-025

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  • Cricket Golf Cart RX5-025
  • Cricket Golf Cart RX5-025
  • Cricket Golf Cart RX5-025
  • Cricket Golf Cart RX5-025
  • Cricket Golf Cart RX5-025
  • Cricket Golf Cart RX5-025

Candy Apple Red, the Cricket RX5 Golf Cart is both robust and portable.  The RX5 has many options available from tire size to tops and mirrors. Check them all out at Gatesville RV Service and Sales and then have a great time with the robust and portable bright red RX5 Cricket golf cart.  When you’re done, pop it in your RV and find your next adventure!

These haulable, compact golf carts can fit in motor homes, in the back of a pickup, or even in most SUV or crossover vehicles. RV enthusiasts and campers absolutely love the convenience that this mini golf cart model provides.  Candy Apple Red with option for remote load!

2 Available in Candy Apple Red

One Year Warranty!

  • All come standard with 15” tires By 6.5 by 6
  • Tires option
  • Many options left to add (Price increases with each added item)
  • Options Include: Roof, Windshield, Mirrors, Ramps, Remote Load


Running Costs

Tires: 15″ x 6.5 x 6″ tubeless

Brakes: Single regenerative electromagnetic braking

Load: 600 lb. capacity

Seating: 4 Front and Rear Bench

Speed: 10-13mph


Transmission: Direct drive through 16:1 reduction gearbox

Drive System: Single 36-volt magnet DC 1,000-watt motor

Battery: Three heavy-duty sealed 12-volt 35-amp/hour, in series

Charge Time: Onboard marine-grade charger; fully automatic

Length:58″ (ready for transport)

Width: 32″ (including utility box)

Height: 28″ (when folded down)

Weight: 330 lbs.

One Year Warranty


  • Roofs-

    • Resort top
    • Bimini Top

  • Travel and storage cover
  • Rain enclosure
  • The cricket hauler
  • Collapsible ramps
  • Remote

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Starting at $5,400.00




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