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The Capri Custom Camper comes with loads of options and upgrades to choose from interior, colors & stripes to fabrics and colors of cushions & shades.

The “base model” camper boasts a finished, empty camper, complete with all electrical, lighting, battery, 12v electric fan, cabinets and mattress.

Choose a readymade custom or order one with your choice of options and upgrades. You can even re-arrange floor plans to fit, add or subtract cabinets, shelving & counter tops.

All new standard equipment in each new 2019 Capri Camper include:

• Dedicated battery system
• New electrical power center
• 30-amp power plug on back wall of camper
• Passenger wall “escape window”
• Fantastic Fan (motorized vent fan in the ceiling)
• 50th anniversary emblem


Front fixed glass window or slider window or no window at all

Fresh water tank 30-, 16- or 10-gallon size

Electric jacks or manual jacks

Trap door: Turnbuckle installation or traditional bolt down

Inside shower or outside shower

Bunk beds with hinges or planks

Aromatic cedar or wood grain panel interior

Roof mount A/C with heat strips or fantastic fan & propane heater

Cushions and blackout shades

Back-up cameras

Stairs and generator racks

Self-contained portable toilet

Gray water-Black water tanks

Single sleeper option in retreat cab-over bed

Capri Camper Option Details


The hand-pump sink comes standard in stainless-steel with a hand-pump faucet tied to a feeder hose that runs into the cabinet below.  The hand pump sink is half the cost of a standard sink with hot/cold water

• You control your water source, safe drinking water is always available
• No water tank, no water pump, no water heater, no propane tank
• No need to winterize, no pex tubing or fittings to freeze or crack


Make your new Capri Camper “solar ready” by installing an external solar plug on the camper that is wired directly to the battery compartment. This allows you to easily install your solar control box.

There are multiple options for solar panels from portable solar panels to roof mount panels.

The Capri Camper roof WILL support solar panels.

Adding the external plug and getting the camper “solar ready” is easy, just let us know before construction begins.


All Capri Campers will have a dedicated battery that includes a converter/charger.  This means your camper is no longer drawing power from your truck battery.  Every time your truck turns on or you plug-in to shore power (or generator) your camper battery is being charged.  This dedicated battery will power all of the 12-volt features in your camper (like lights, fan & water pump).  During installation the camper will plug into your truck’s factory 7-pin receptacle on your truck bumper (or in the truck bed).


One cool option! The NovaKool R-2600 12v refrigerator/freezer. This refrigerator is solid, simple and has almost none of the frustrating and challenging cooling characteristics of the typical 2-way & 3-way RV refrigerators on the market. It does not have to be level to stay cold!

Specs for our new NovaKool R-2600…
Right hinged door * Fridge volume: 2.4 Cu Ft * Freezer volume: 0.14 Cu Ft *  Weight: 39 lbs.  * Cut-out dimensions:20 ¼” high18” wide 19 ½” deep


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