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Welcome to Gatesville RV Service & Sales

We offer high-quality vehicles at unbelievable prices with a pleasant experience, whether buying or visiting our service department; the staff at Gatesville RV will make sure that you leave a happy camper.


We can’t wait to personally show you our extensive collection of RVs, towables, custom golf carts, Cricket golf carts, trailers, and our used RV selection. Here at Gatesville RV, we want to take each client one at a time to give them an enjoyable experience, regardless if they end up doing business with us.  If we aren’t able to earn your business the first time, then we want clients to feel comfortable enough to come back and visit us again.


Our service department focuses on service from A to Z and our long-time goal, which is to be a one-stop-shop for anything service-related. The team at Gatesville RV wants people to feel like they are part of the dealership family, which means we can guarantee that we will be honest in order to earn their business and trust.

After you visit you will see why many of our other customers keep coming back and recommend us often. When you’re in the market for an RV, trailer, or golf cart, you can trust Gatesville RV is the place to go. Located just 30 miles from Waco, midway between Austin and Fort Worth.

Did You Know?

We have a problem, um we mean a passion for all things vintage. We just can’t pass up classic cars, vintage trailers, and other unique finds. We love talking to other people who have the same passions and telling the stories behind each item in the store. We also enjoy attending and entering car shows and we hope to host some in the near future so we have an opportunity to meet more people who share our same interests!

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